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Tips For Responsible Betting

Ideally one should be able to live one’s life and find happiness without gambling a cent. But we all know that is not realistic. Today, gambling is everywhere. From state lotteries to legal casinos to the stock market and online casinos (e.g. togel online terpercaya), gambling confronts us where ever we go. In some cases, gambling is healthy and necessary. Every business owner knows this because starting a business is always a gamble.


Let me just say that my main exposure to gambling has been in the stock and options markets. I’ve never been to a casino in my life. Still, I feel somewhat qualified to offer at least 3 suggestions from my own experience to minimize the harm one might suffer from gambling.


1) First, gamble only what one can afford to. Calculate all of your necessary expenses. Set aside any money you would like for savings, and determine how much you have leftover for gambling. Take just that money to the casino or to buy lottery tickets. Spend only that money and nothing more.


2) Know what you are doing when you gamble. I learned this the hard way from being in the stock and options markets. If your game is Poker read books on Poker strategies that may pay off. Know something about probability. Get a book on probability for dummies or gambling for dummies. Try to play games with the highest probability of success.


3) If you can, stay away from online gambling. The convenience of online gambling can be too tempting sometimes. It is too easy to find oneself betting the kid’s college fund on the online slots due to this convenience. If you still decide on online gambling make sure to research the websites history and credibility.

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