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Euro 2020 Winning Bet Strategy

The European Football Championship, which is also known as Euro 2020 will be having their 16th tournament in several different countries for the first time. Rome is scheduled to kick off Euro 2020, and Wembley Stadium will be hosting the last seven matches of the championship.


This year Euro 2020 will feature 24 teams competing in 51 matches. With this new format change it should make for a very exciting tournament! Here are a few of our suggestions for the best bets in Euro 2020.


Betting The Odds


When deciding who you want to place your money, but you don’t have a particular team you are rooting for then you can always bet your money based on the odds. You could take the team with the best odds such as England, they are currently showing at 4-1. Placing this bet will weigh the scales in your favor that you will more, which means you are more likely to see win. However, if you are looking for higher payout, but with more risk, you could use the odds to play the other side of the betting table. By choosing an underdog with odds of 4500-1 like Georgia. In that case, the chances of you winning are very low, but if luck is on Georgia’s side you this would result in a large payout.


Betting The Momentum


Some people believe that choosing the team to wager on comes down to the recent performance that has been displayed by the team games leading up to the big matches. In regards to momentum leading up to bursa taruhan Euro 2020, the Belgium Red Devils have been moving at a steady and strong pace. Belgium won 10 straight games in the qualifying rounds.


Betting on The Legacy


With any sport having many variables in how the games will actually play out, sometimes it is best to use history as your reference instead of the current odds. You may have a team that is not currently showing great betting numbers, but is known for a strong tournament performance or comeback. In this year’s Euro 2020 Portugal may not seem like the most logical choice with 12-1 odds, but with Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Félix, and Bernardo Silva they cannot be counted out. Plus, this is not the first time Portugal has been underrated only to come back and win!


For most of us just the excitement of watching the tournaments games are a fantastic pay off, but when you decide to put money on the line, do not forget to check for different promo and bet specials being offered! Although there are no guaranteed winners when it comes to sporting event bets, we hope this information will provide you some helpful suggestions.

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