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Learning How To Play The Domino QQ Casino Game

Are you a fan of the Domino game (visit BandarQ Online for more information), but wish it could be less boring? Have you ever wanted to spice up your poker game? If so, you are probably going to love the Domino QQ casino game that is a mix of those two games.

A Look Inside

With this game players will see that they are able to place bets, call, raise, or even fold like players would be able to with any normal Poker game. Normally when people think of the Domino game they don’t associate it with a casino. However, this game is different enough to make it more like the type of game that is normally found in a casino.


Basically, the game that you are going to be playing is a more exciting version of Poker. The difference between this game and Poker being that the game makes use of Domino tiles instead of the Poker ones. The rules of the game are quite simple, being that they are pretty much the same as you would expect from a normal game of Poker. This new game has made it so that the developers are able to make up their own rules and hands, but they stay all around the same with little variation. The variation that does occur with the rules only makes it so that players can up the amount that they would normally win in a game of Poker.


With this game players will find themselves face to face with many different freebies. Players will have the chance to win 2 million in cash if they are able to finish the tutorial that has been set up by the developers. Being that this is a new game for most, it probably would be best for players to go though the tutorial anyway. The tutorial will teach the players about the hands that they will be able to make using the four Domino ties that they are given.


The card ranks are going to be available to view by players in-game, in case a player forgets what they are. This will be helpful for those that are looking to win any money, being that the game requires a knowledge of the hands and their strengths in order to make any good decisions reguarding bets.


This game considers the total amount of the domino tiles. This means that if a player has two domino tiles that are 3/4 and 1/1 they will have a total of 9. This will be one part of the players hand. The second part of the players hand is going to be based on the total coming from the two tiles that come up next. For those that get confused easy by the complicated rules, there is a hand meter that will help players out by showing them the strength of their hand.

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