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Learn The Rules Of Domino Qui Qiu

New games are rare, so when one emerges it naturally catches attention. This game is fun and has some terminology that is familiar. The game is much like poker and is popular in Indonesia and is typically played on Situs Judi Online casinos. Once you learn the game you will find it to be addictive.

Knowing the rules will give you confidence.

Rules Of Domino QQ

The dominoes are set up differently from the U.S. The Indonesian cards are printed rather than on tiles. When the cards become worn, they are thrown away. As with most gambling games, the betting comes first. The amount can vary depending on your situation. Each player puts money into the “pot”.

Every player will be given three dominoes. After seeing their cards each player can raise or fold. If there is just one person betting, they win the money and will not reveal their cards.

If more than one person bets, then everyone who didn’t fold will be given another card. This will be the last round of betting. Usually, there is a betting limit for each round. At the end of this round, anyone who did not fold will reveal their cards. The highest points win the pot.

Explanation Of Counting Points

The cards are paired up and the numbers are added, the second digit of each number is used. So, a total of 29 becomes a 9 and a total of 19 becomes a 9. The highest pair will be a 9 which is where the name Qui Qiu comes from. There are three hands that are better than a pair of nines. Those are:

  • High- If the total numbers on 4 dominoes equals 38 or higher.
  • Low- If the total numbers on 4 dominoes equal 9 or less.
  • Double- If you have 4 dominoes, each with doubles.

There is another hand that is special. It is called a straight. If all 4 dominoes have consecutive numbers, you are holding a straight. For example, if the numbers equal 4,5,6,7, they are considered to be a straight. Also, if there are three doubles, that is called a “Kid” and the fourth card is alone.

At the conclusion of the game, if two players have a straight, or if they have doubles, then the player with the highest double wins. If both players have a straight, with no doubles, then the highest straight will win.

Get Ready To Play

Knowing the rules is half the battle. Learning when to fold or bet will come with the experience of playing the game. Though some of the terminology is familiar, the game originated in Indonesia, so some of the words may sound strange. A double-digit number is referred to as a “pip”.

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